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Euphonious Seasonality

  2023   |   Jewellery Design, Illustration

The project aims to bring in the spatial understanding of the language we all speak despite our differences in race, colour, class or religion - i.e the language of food. Synched with the harmony & energy of Kathak dance, an Indian classical dance form.

Whirling Seasonality Ring

Swirling in rounds with every changing beat. The ring symbolises the fast circular movements of the feet in the Indian dance form, Kathak.

With ripples of rice running along the form seemingly growing and bending from the stem reminding you that small steps you're taking every single day is leading to the transformation you want for yourself.

Sugandh Makwana - Preferred 1.jpg
Connected yet disconnected Brooch

Showcasing the grace and free flowing hand & foot gesture and playfully mirroring it to form a continuous form seemingly floating in distant dreams with the scent of the paddy field.


The brooch features warm toned pear shaped gemstones with alternating rice grains, and reminds you to never limit your expression to what others might think and be exactly who you want to be.

Letting it Flow Ring

As the pleasant breeze flows, the rice field dances with delight. With every stroke of the piece portraying the high & low beats & motion of the dance.


Accompanied by the rice grains wrapping the finger, the ring symbolises the act of freeing oneself from fitting in, letting go of all that holds you back and reminding you to let it flow every once in a while.

Everything in Duality Ring

A distinct combination of the rice stems and the rice grains swaying in the auburn summers with its fluid movements.


The ring reminds you of the walks in the sun with the moving shadows and asks you to stop & run your hands through the field of rice, to feel deeply and to let it sink in, before the moment passes.

Harmonious Irregularities Ring

Looking deep in the rice stem, with each strand perching in a different direction, one finds their rhythm when they realise every step backwards is a part of the dance.


The form is composed of regular irregularities & the ring signifies the importance of taking a small step everyday.

A step that might sometimes be right, sometimes wrong, sometimes difficult, sometimes simple but always adding a dimension to your personality.

Endless fields of Rice Headpiece

In the field where the rice field grows, where the wind is soft and slow, the sun sets and paints the sky gold creating flames of fire in the sky, dancing their way through the sky.


The headpiece reminds you to no longer dance in spaces that have the desire to change the music every time they can't handle the rhythm of your progression.

Dance is an art with emotion, the pair signifies the free flowing gestures of Kathak. The essence of this dance form is how effortlessly and gracefully one hand gesture changes to another.


The earrings mimic the shape of the ear and mellifluously turns and mimics the face structure. The creation reminds you to continue continuing every single day.

Mellifluous Tune Earrings
Symphonious Field of Dreams Ear Cuff

Painted in gold, every hour in a different warm hue. The creation awakens the feeling of being in the middle of the rice field, with each grassy blade whispering, giving in to the winds & swaying delicately.


With multiple lines showcasing the quick hand motion in the dance form, the ear cuff takes the shape of the ear in the form of a rhythm and asks you to be the confident person you are and chase your dreams.

Up & Up Mellows Earrings

The golden field that only goes up & up like the hand movements and portraying the importance of negative space. The form sublimely catches the eyes to ponder. The ear cuff symbolises the paddy field ripe for harvest, bending down with full yield.


The shape illustrates the elegant upward hand gesture of kathak and reminds you how everything you go through, you grow through.



Copyrights © Sugandh Makwana

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