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Jewellery Designer & Illustrator

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Looking through her creative lens

Sugandh's design practice is guided by an underlying intention to modernise Indian jewellery through innovation in form.


Through the lens of unconscious biases based on one's culture, the centre of her practice is cultural awareness & sensitivity. 

She expresses by bringing attention to the ordinary yet significant parts of one's culture that add to their personality more than they realise.

She aims to manifest the signature of rice grain in the form of jewellery and wishes to give back to the culture through exquisite pieces of hand crafted jewellery with daring volume that showcase a multifaceted contemporary India



A collection of fine jewellery that epitomizes contemporary luxury, guided by the narrative of the language of food that blends with Kathak, an Indian classical dance form.

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Each creation brought to life reinterprets the delicacy and expresses it through bold designs, prompting the wearer to embrace their individuality and use it as a superpower.


Sugandh's work is a tender reminder to reflect on how a dance form is made up of high and low beats, how the rice crop is dependent on the highs and lows of the seasons, her collection appreciates the highs & lows of the journey of life.


Taking cues from the harmony & fluidity, Sugandh introduces grains of rice and reinterprets the regular irregularities in all creations.


This unforeseen narration serves as a reminder of her home country, India, through the hand-crafted gold-plated creations in sterling silver that entail carved warm-toned precious gemstones, which metaphorically signify the warmth dance holds in her life.

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