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This is the Behind the scenes of the 'Euphonious Seasonality' Project, to help visitors understand the context and background of the latest work. 

Mood Board

The jewellery revolves around the themes of organic and free flowing forms where rhythm, harmony and fluidity are key. To showcase the warmth the dance holds in Sugandh's life, the colour palette of the collection is in red, orange & yellow. 


BTS for the ' Letting it flow Ring'

Focusing on the freeing movement of dance and taking inspiration from the upward hand gesture of Kathak while also giving importance to the negative space between the fingers. The form portrays the high and low beats of dance and the rice grains wrap the finger. 


BTS for the ' Harmoniously Layered Ring'

Emphasizing on the fluidity of hand mudras while also looking deep into the rice stem with the way it perches and grows,  each strand of the ring is of a different thickness to maintain the organic and natural form.


BTS for the ' Whirling Seasonality Ring'

Taking inspiration from the fast circular movement of the feet in Kathak which change with every beat, the ring features a variation of the rice grain flowing along the form. Fluid looking form going along the finger and rice grain running along it; seemingly growing and bending from the stem.


BTS for the ' Everything in Duality Ring'

Bringing out the irregular form of the rice stem along with the long basmati rice grains, where the fluidity in the form would also give a glimpse of dance.  Symbolic to the rice stems and the rice grains swaying on a sunny afternoon with its fluid movements.


BTS for the ' Symphonious Field of Dreams Ear cuff'

Showcasing the fluidity of dance by letting the form take the shape of the ear and multiple lines alongside depict the quick hand gestures while also portraying the importance of negative space.


BTS for the ' Mismatched Warmth Earrings'

Representing the balance and diligent fluidity that are the essentials for dance.


BTS for the ' Mellifluous tune Earrings'

Showcasing the variation of the free flowing form that represents the elegant change of one hand mudra to the other, effortlessly, in a rhythmic flow.  Encasing the graceful change, by letting the form mimic the shape of the ear and then mellifluously turn and mimic the face structure.


BTS for the ' Connected yet disconnected Brooch'

Mirroring the hand & foot mudra while amplifying the connection of each gesture and showcasing the continuing fluidity, the creation has 5 strands depicting the 5 fingers of the hand and foot.


BTS for the 'Endless Fields of Rice Headpiece'

Showcasing the rhythm and grace through asymmetry and the dancing rice grains. It depicts the rice field where the wind is soft and slow, the sun sets and paints the sky gold creating flames of fire in the sky as if dancing their way through the sky.

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